The assessment of morphological for seed aging in 6 rapeseed cultivars

Proceedings the 12th International Rapeseed Congress, Wuhan, China.pp. 466-468

The assessment of morphological for seed aging in 6 rapeseed(Brassica napus L.) cultivars



Hamideh Khalaj1, S.A. Sadat Noori1, A.H. Shirani Rad2,E. Allah Dadi1, GH. Abass. Akbari1, M. R. Labbafi1

1department of agronomy; Abouraihan Campus, University of Tehran, Iran

2assistant professor of Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Karaj, Iran



To investigate hardness of less irrigation stress applying at different growth stage (normal irrigation, irrigation until flowering, padding and seed filling stages) on germination and seedling growth of Canola (Brassica napus L.) namely SLM046, Licord, Opera, Zarfam, Orient, Okapi an experiment was laid out on factorial arrangement in completely randomized design with 4 replications. The accelerated aging test was conducted by aging seeds at 42°C for 48 h. Following incubation, the seeds were germinated at 22°C and after 7 day the root length, root/shoot ratio,seedling dry weight, hard seeds and abnormal seedling, MTG, MDG, FGP and DGS were measured. The effect of Less irrigation stages on Root length, Root/shoot ratio, FGP, Hard seed and abnormal seedling were significant (p<0.01). Cultivar had significant effect on FGP (p<0.01) and root/shoot ratio (p<0.05). Generally less irrigation caused to decreased root/shoot ratio. Less irrigation after flowering increased abnormal seedling; less irrigation after padding increased MTG and Hard seed but declined FGP. Among cultivars, Zarfam and Orient were the best in less irrigation under accelerate aging test.

Key words: rapeseed, accelerate aging test and less irrigation

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