Drought Stress Effects on Germination Parameters of Rapeseed Through Cold Test

Proceedings the 12th International Rapeseed Congress, Wuhan, China.pp.444-447

Evaluation of Drought Stress Effects on Germination Parameters of Rapeseed (Brassica Napus) Through Cold Test



Hamideh Khalaj1, A.H. Shirani Rad2, S.A. Sadat Noori1, E. Allah Dadi1, GH. Abass. Akbari1,

M. R. Labbafi1

1department of agronomy; Abouraihan Campus, University of Tehran, Iran

2assistant professor of Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Karaj, Iran




In order to evaluate the effects of drought stress applied at different growth stage on germination and seedling growth of 6 rapeseed cultivars a factorial experiment was carried out in a completely randomized design with 4 replications. The studied factors were less irrigation stress at 4 levels (normal irrigation, irrigation until flowering, irrigation until padding and seed filling stages) and 6 winter rapeseed cultivars (SLM046, Licord, Opera, Zarfam, Orient, Okapi). The cold test was performed on four 100-seed replications of each treatment by exposing the samples to 5°C for 5 days on moistened blotter papers and then transferred to 22°C for 5 days germination. After 5 days the root and shoot length of seedling, root/shoot ratio, fresh and dry seedling weight, normal and abnormal seedling, MTG[1], MDG[2] and FGP[3] were measured. Analysis of variance showed significant difference between less irrigation stress levels for shoot and root length, root/shoot ratio, fresh and dry seedling weight (p<0.01) and abnormal seedlings (p<0.05). Cultivars effect were significant for abnormal seedlings (p<0.01) and FGP, MTG and seedling dry weight (p<0.05). Root/shoot ratio, abnormal seedling and seedling fresh weight among traits were significant by cultivar × less irrigation stress interaction. Comparing of data means showed that normal irrigation had the maximum shoot height. Less irrigation seed filling stages increased seedling dry weight, root length and MDG. Among cultivars Licord and Orient had the most MDG and Zarfam had the most seedling dry weight. SLMO46 had the height shoot length, Licord and Zarfam had most FGP.Opera had the highest root/shoot ratio in less irrigation after seed filling stage. Maximum fresh weight produced by Zarfam in normal irrigation. SLMO46 had the lowest abnormal seedling in normal irrigation.

Key words:Rapeseed, Cold test, Less irrigation stress, seed vigour

[1]Mean Time Germination

[2]Mean Daily Germination

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